Maribel and José Antonio are the owners of Las Casitas de Papel and La Posada de las Casitas. But our role is not limited to this ownership, in our eagerness to provide pleasant and enriching stays to our customers we started back in 2008 to accommodate customers in Las Casitas de Papel.

These apartments were our first experience in rural tourism. After leaving the big city and deciding to move to the village, we started the rehabilitation of the family inherited building where today Las Casitas is located. These works were long and costly, but in the end we managed to inaugurate on September 20, 2008 with a large influx of authorities, friends and especially people of Ampudia who accompanied us in a beautiful party.

During these years we have focused on having the best facilities and providing the best experiences to our customers, spreading the excellence of Ampudia and its surroundings, but as all this seemed little, in 2013 we opened La Posada de Las Casitas. In what was once a farmhouse, we have built a precise building, with reminiscences of the old house, but giving it a modern air inside with maximum comfort for our customers. as it is also our home, we take care of it and pamper it for us and for our clients in all aspects, from comfort to landscaping with our garden and our small orchard.

They have been our projects, dreams that are coming true and that we want to share with all of you.

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Ampudia is a municipality located in the northwest of the province of Palencia.


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